East Harlem Pride

East_Harlem_Pride_Logo.gifCoalition School For Social Change is a part of the East Harlem Pride, a PSAL sports team comprised of student-athletes from four small public high schools in East Harlem, New York.  The other schools are The Heritage School, Central Park East High School, and Park East High School.

Sports Offerings

The following sports are offered through The East Harlem Pride:

Fall                              Winter                              Spring


Football                               Girls Basketball                        Boys Baseball
Girls Volleyball                     Boys Basketball                       Girls Softball
Girls Golf                             Wrestling                                 Track and Field
Boys Bowling                       Cheerleading                            Boys Volleyball

Eligibility Requirements

In order to play on a Pride sports team, students must meet the following eligibility requirements

  • Minimum 80% attendance
  • Minimum 8 credits over the previous year
  • Pass 4 core classes (English, Math, Science, History) plus one other class the previous semester 
  • Pass physical education