Coalition is commited to molding a well-rounded person and educating beyond the core subjects. Students have been able to choose from one elective per semester to explore interests beyond the classroom.  Below are electives that have been offered in recent years.

Mouse Squad

In Mouse Squad students learn the basics of computer support and repair, at a hardware and software level.  Students also learn how to maintain and create content for the Coalition website using Concrete5.  


Architecture teaches students the basics of design.  Students create projects from creating blueprints of their own home to creating models of economical shelters for use in earthquake damaged Haiti.


Like CSI?  Forensics is the class for you!  In forensics, students learn the ins and outs of how science is used to catch a criminal.  Students read and analyze cold cases, perform DNA experiments, and much more.  

Major Art

Students with a strong interest and passion for art can apply for Major Art.  Students go beyond the basics of an art class, visiting many major art galleries in New York, then creating based upon those visits.

Peer Helpers 

In the Peer Helpers students learn how to assist other students in solving their problems by improving their communication and listening skills.  Students become experts in drug and alcohol awareness, peer mediation, and identifying at-risk behavior.